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C-Store Sanitation Guide

How to Retain or Regain That New Store Luster
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Have Happy Loyal Customers

Enjoy a Great Reputation

Pass Inspections with Ease

Convenience Will Only Take You So Far

In your business, customer perception and your reputation are everything. People want to feel safe and comfortable in your store. If they do not, they will go down the street, even if it is out of their way, to a cleaner store that makes them feel like someone cares.

An insufficient cleaning protocol can lead to:

  • Higher costs
  • A poor reputation with customers
  • Losing customers to the competition
  • Being held accountable for and even losing your job
With everything that requires your attention, your cleaning and sanitizing procedures should not be something you are constantly worried about.
It should not be this hard to keep your c-store sanitized and clean.
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Fewer Worries and Happier Customers

With the proper cleaning and sanitation products and customized training, your cleaning protocol can be seamless and effective, giving you just the break you need from the endless worry.

With DeVere customized cleaning products and training, you will:

  • Pass inspections with ease
  • Have a better-trained staff
  • Have an efficient cleaning process
  • Save time and money
  • Retain satisfied customers
  • Enjoy an excellent reputation
  • Have a more successful business

We have been doing this for 65 years...

For over 65 years, we have been helping businesses just like yours. Understanding the challenges of keeping your business clean and sanitized so your customers feel safe and comfortable is part of what we do.
Here are a few of the companies we have helped:
kwik trip stores logoBig 10 Mart logoKum & Go; company we help with c-store sanitationKelley's Market logoCenex logoShell logo

3 Steps to a Cleaner C-Store and Happy Customers

Step 1

Set up an initial consultation. We will assess your c-store sanitation needs and make product recommendations.

Step 2

We will get you set up with the products for your customized cleaning and sanitizing protocol and train your staff to understand and get the most from the products they will be using.

Step 3

You rest easier knowing that your c-store sanitation is top-notch, and we are here to support you every step of the way.
We have been working with DeVere for more than twenty years. They have always quickly met our chemical product needs. When COVID hit, we needed a way to disinfect surfaces. DeVere provided an easy-to-use, EPA-registered product with dispensers, procedures, and support. This met our needs and helped us remain focused on the safety of our customers and associates.
— Tomas Boltnar, Senior Procurement Analyst from Kum & Go
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